Sean Connolly Calls for Infrastructure Investment to Create Jobs, Promote Growth

Sean Connolly joined the Connecticut Construction Industries Association (CCIA) for their Transportation Forum at the Aqua Turf Club. Before a full crowd of workers in the transportation, construction, and related fields, Connolly discussed his plan to repair our crumbling roads and bridges and put Connecticut workers back to work.






“The most critical issue facing Connecticut is jobs,” said Connolly. “We’ve seen far too many of our friends and colleagues unable to find work here in Connecticut, so they look for it down the Tappan Zee or out in Springfield. That isn’t right. We don’t want to lose you. We want you here. And we need you here. Our roads and bridges are in dire need of repair. That’s why my plan to reliably fund infrastructure improvements is a win-win for everyone: for commuters who need to get to work every day, and for workers who want to live and work in the community they love.”

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